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Residential Portfolios

Climate Valuation works with sister organisation 'XDI: Cross Dependency Initiative' to provide physical climate risk analysis of commercially owned residential portfolios at a global scale.

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There is growing momentum for climate risk reporting and management amongst institutions

Increased Regulatory Focus
Regulatory bodies around the world are developing frameworks to ensure the effective disclosure of climate change impacts to investors and stakeholders.
Internal Sustainability Agenda
Organisations are developing internal risk management frameworks which include ESG policies designed to reduce or manage climate change risk to business operations.
Customer-centric Solutions
Businesses are developing products focused on mitigating climate-related risks and containing related losses for their customers.

XDI's commercial products support:

Mortgage Lenders
Financial institution or mortgage providers looking to assess the impacts of climate risk on serviceability and LVR calculations at point of loan origination.
Consultancy Firms
Consultancy firms looking to integrate physical climate risk into environmental, social and corporate governance strategy and reporting services.
Investment Managers
Investors looking to understand the impact of climate change and extreme weather on the long term value trajectory of their portfolio.
Insurance Providers
Companies looking to underwrite the insurance risks associated with extreme weather and climate change impact on residential property.

XDI are world leaders in commercial climate risk analysis

Climate Valuation works with sister organisation 'XDI' to provide portfolio level analysis of commercially owned residential property at a global scale.
Leading Technology
Like Climate Valuation, XDI's analysis harnesses the world's most advanced extreme weather and climate change science used by governments, utilities and financial corporations internationally.
Global Coverage
XDI offers the most up-to-date climate modelling and hazard data for every residential address around the world. Globally, XDI analysis ranks the highest for hazards covered, geographical reach and capacity for analysis of large numbers of assets.
Standard Reporting
XDI's standard reports present physical risk data in different packages for different sectors or sections of an organisation. Pick from a list depending on your organisation or clients' needs.
TCFD Compliant
XDI's products provide information to support investors, lenders and insurance underwriters in decision making and are extensively curated to align with leading TCFD reporting practice as per BoE, EBRD, IIGCC and other guidance.
Secure Data Transfer
XDI adhere to the highest data security policies to ensure all data is treated with absolute confidentiality. XDI use a number of methods to securely transmit sensitive data - including end to end encryption and Secure File Transfer Protocol.
Portfolio Benchmarking
XDI offer benchmarking against industry peers and national averages so you can assess your portfolio's position relative to the rest of the market. They also offer company intelligence for high-level, aggregated third party analysis of thousands of listed companies and their assets.

XDI's Products Range

XDI's multi-property solutions are designed support risk managers, sustainability teams, operation departments and asset managers in quantifying and managing the physical risks of climate change and extreme weather to residential asset portfolios.
Mortgage Portfolio Reports
The Residential Mortgage Portfolio Report provides quantitative insights into the physical impacts of climate change and extreme weather on insurability and relative market value of the portfolio over a standard mortgage term (30 years) and over a nominal building life (to 2100). The report provides a clear picture of the overall risk trajectory of the portfolio under several climate scenarios, as well as the geospatial distribution and hazard-specific vulnerability of the portfolio to inform long-range planning and risk management strategies.
  • Value-At-Risk, Technical Insurance Premium and Climate Adjusted Value
  • Benchmarking against national average
  • Spatial insights into the geographic distribution of risk
  • Multiple RCPs and emission scenarios
  • Annual, 5-yearly and decadal time intervals
  • Supports multiple output formats: CSV, PDF, PowerPoint & GeoJSON
Automated Climate Screening APIs
The Automated Climate Screening API is a single property assessment tool to inform pre-qualification, valuation strategies and credit decisioning policies. The tool provides a simple ABC rating system to flag oncoming properties that are 'at-risk' from climate change impacts allowing banks to shift from standard risk disclosure to more advanced risk mitigation strategies.
  • Instant property screening tool for loan origination
  • Simple A B C rating to flag at-risk properties
  • Three key time intervals (current year, end of mortgage term, end of asset life)
  • Effective risk mitigation strategy
Adaptation & Cost Benefit Analysis
The adaptation and cost benefit tools allows a user to customise the engineering and construction details of individual assets, as well as the overall composition of the portfolio in order to test and compare the effectiveness of different adaptation options. Results compare adaptation pathways by capex and opex outcomes, net present value and timing of adaptation actions to determine the most favourable course of action to reduce or mitigate the portfolio's climate change and extreme weather risk.
  • Test several adaptation pathways
  • Supports climate risk mitigation and management strategies
  • Cost-benefit analysis shows financial outcomes of different actions
Comprehensive Property Reports
Single property reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the modelled impacts of climate change on the future value and insurability of a single asset to assist in customer engagement and disaster support initiatives. The detailed results are derived by computationally testing the physical vulnerability of each component element of the property against a range of extreme weather impacts such as flooding, heat, forest fire and extreme wind. The results show the changing probability with which the property may (a) be damaged (b) fail to operate, and the possible implications on insurability and market value over time.
  • Engineering-grade analysis with advanced property customisation
  • Technical insurance premium and climate adjusted value
  • Detailed breakdown of individual climate hazards
  • Vulnerability diagnostics on various elements of the property
  • Used to support customer engagement and resilience initiatives

Product Pricing

Wholesale pricing or subscription access is available upon request. Discounts are available to clients who purchase reports in bulk or access the technology on an ongoing basis.

Companies using XDI technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about XDI's commercial range of products and services

XDI's system starts with an address and geo coordinates and builds a synthetic property at each location of securities within your portfolio. The analysis can account for a number of design, construction and financial attributes such as property type, build year, credit exposure and current market value.

XDI's analysis can test the risk to your portfolio under all SRES and RCP emissions scenarios recognised by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The XDI system is powered by the award-winning Climate Risk Engines. Over the last 7 years the analytical capabilities of this technology has steadily expanded to accommodate additional hazards, new archetypes and updated data sources and climate scenarios. XDI continues to provide innovative and bespoke solutions for their clients as part of their "Special Projects & Consulting" arm. Contact XDI to discuss your specific requirements with a dedicated account manager.

XDI adhere to the highest data security policies and procedures. They have a number of methods to securely transmit sensitive data including end-to-end encryption and Secure File transfer Protocol.

XDI's analysis provides annualised results until the year 2100. They can also provide insights at a national, state, region, postcode or property level.