Climate Valuation is an independent business, established to provide the best available extreme weather and climate science to home buyers. Our expertise in Climate Change impacts has been built up over 10 years, working for governments and corporations, but is now available to general home-owners to ensure their home is physically and financially sound.

Climate Valuation does not provide financial advice. It is not affiliated to insurance companies, banks or any businesses in the property sector. Climate Valuation does not make any information provided by users available to other companies.

Climate Valuation is lead by Dr Karl Mallon who has worked on climate change issues for over 20 years. He is a prominent advocate for the rights of home-owners to have access to information about climate change risks and the need for better protection for home owners and vulnerable groups. ClimateValuation.com licenses the same Climate Risk Engines that compute climate change risks and adaptation measures for large utilities and corporations. See ClimateRisk.com.au.


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Accessing tidal data...

Accessing wave data...

Calculating the risk for the property...


Advanced Settings

Percentage of Offshore Wave Causing Set Up

Rate of wave pass-through from deep water to near shore (user estimate, default proxy). Note that the default proxy is based on McInnes et al (2012) and WMO, (1998). Actual wave pass-through will vary depending on the unique circumstances of the property and inundation event.

Damage from Flooding as a % of the Replacement Value

Estimated home damage per flooding event (% of house replacement cost) (user estimate, default proxy). Note that the 20% default proxy is based on Middleman-Fernandes (2012), which provides damage curves for flooding. Actual damage will vary depending on the unique circumstances of the property and inundation event.

Mortgage rate (interest only, precent).

Mortgage Rate of an interest only loan over 30 years starting today is defaulted to Commbank.com.au (2018). Standard Variable Rate home loan - CommBank. We use a interest only loan because we set the amount available to the owner is the same as this rate would predict. If damage happens to the property this cost comes out of the same fund and therefore leaves less available to service the loan.

Available Stations