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We have special offers on these products while they are in Beta (testing form) and if you do use on of these systems, we will let you know when new hazards are added so that you can re-test any properties you are following.


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Although Climate Valuation take care to ensure the quality of their output, all produced documents, services or products exclude all warranties and are provided ‘as is’. Climate Valuation is not a financial advisor and any information provided by Climate Valuation does not constitute financial advice. These documents, services or products should not be used in place of professional, technical or commercial advice. The accuracy, completeness or currency of any information provided by Climate Valuation is not guaranteed and Climate Valuation is not responsible, to the full extent that is permitted by law, for any damages incurred within the contract or due to negligence. This is inclusive of all damages, losses and expenses (direct or indirect) that might occur due to the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any Climate Valuation documents, services or products.

It is your sole responsibility, not that of Climate Valuation, to ensure that any documents, services or products used are applicable to your own personal circumstance.

Third Parties

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Competitor Exclusion

Businesses creating similar documents, services or products for a fee to clients and customers are defined competitors of Climate Valuation. Competitor acquisition and use of any Climate Valuation documents, services and products, as accessed through our website or through third party websites is forbidden without written permission or by contract. If this condition is disregarded the competitor is liable for any potential losses incurred by Climate Valuation and is subsequently responsible for any profits made from the use of Climate Valuation documents, services or products.

State Legislation

If documents, services or products produced by Climate Valuation are compiled with the use of data provided by an Australian state government, additional state-specific disclaimers apply.

All of the above terms and conditions apply if they are deemed legal in the given state, however if specific terms do not comply with the given state legislation they are unapplicable and may be omitted.

Legal Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions fall under the jurisdiction of NSW and Australian law. Should any legal dispute arise between you and Climate Valuation this must be resolved through the NSW courts and subsequent legal procedures.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to read and review these terms and conditions regularly. These terms and conditions are dated 16th March 2017.


The tool currently uses a centroid of the building, and therfore may be limited on steeply sloping blocks of land. In this case further investigations may be required.