Climate Valuation has been created to assist people seeking further information on the potential impact of climate change on Australian property assets. The tool currently analyses one of the most important risks associated with climate change impacts: coastal inundation. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that around 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coastline (ABS, 2004). Accordingly, whilst the analysis does not cover all aspects of risk associated with climate change, it may provide an important input to the total information puzzle for home-owners, potential purchasers, lenders and insurers.
To ensure everyone has a basic understanding of coastal inundation risks we are offering our Land Check service for free. Enter the house address and we will check 5 different Sea Level Rise projections and 3 mortgage terms. The process should only take a few minutes, and we’ll send a copy of the results to your email address.
Free beta report
We can run a more complex analysis if you answer some simple questions about the house. We will generate an estimate of the Annual Average Cost of Damage, and the relative change in the value over the course of a typical 30-year mortgage term, across a number of scientific projections of potential sea level rise. The whole process will take about 15 minutes.
Coming soon...
Using detailed answers about the house we will undertake a sophisticated risk analysis to identify the key sources of vulnerability, and how to adapt the house to deal with extreme weather and climate change.


Accessing LiDAR data...

Accessing tidal data...

Accessing wave data...

Calculating the risk for the property...


Advanced Settings

Percentage of Offshore Wave Causing Set Up

Rate of wave pass-through from deep water to near shore (user estimate, default proxy). Note that the default proxy is based on McInnes et al (2012) and WMO, (1998). Actual wave pass-through will vary depending on the unique circumstances of the property and inundation event.

Damage from Flooding as a % of the Replacement Value

Estimated home damage per flooding event (% of house replacement cost) (user estimate, default proxy). Note that the 20% default proxy is based on Middleman-Fernandes (2012), which provides damage curves for flooding. Actual damage will vary depending on the unique circumstances of the property and inundation event.

Mortgage rate (interest only, precent).

Mortgage Rate of an interest only loan over 30 years starting today is defaulted to (2018). Standard Variable Rate home loan - CommBank. We use a interest only loan because we set the amount available to the owner is the same as this rate would predict. If damage happens to the property this cost comes out of the same fund and therefore leaves less available to service the loan.

Available Stations